Sunday, January 13, 2008


Now that was easy! Why did I ever make a website for myself when I could have just come here, typed a few words, pressed a few buttons, and presto! a handy space all to myself.

Why did I choose this blog tool? *hangs head in shame* It was the first url I typed in and was immediately sucked in by the sheer ease of the place. Maybe the others are easier still. I'll never know.

Does anyone watch Corner Gas? The episode when Hank sets up a Blog, goaded on by a town that wants an easy way to ignore him? That's basically what I've always thought about blogs. I don't like them. I hate the way everyone has one and thinks the world wants to hear about the minutiae of their lives. I hate the way they clutter up search engines. I hate the way they are hard to keep up with (looking forward to experimenting with RSS on that front...)

But now, exactly 4 minutes after creating this on, I'm starting to understand... it is just so easy. Why not have a blog? If no one reads it, so what, then it's a diary I can't lose the lock for, and if lots of people read it, hooray, instant and fleeting celebrity!

So, poking around, I'm liking what I see... spell check, adding images, I can use html if I'm ever so inclined again, I can add links, ok, ok, my hatred of this format of communication is easing to a simmer rather than full boil.

All right, I'm going to leave this first post short and do some more poking around. Found Flickr (waaaay better than shutterfly) and Skype (free calls, where were you when I was in Korea??) so far, and having way too much fun.

Intimidation factor currently at: 3 out of 5


Jennifer said...

Thanks Jess for your wonderful sense of humour! I love Corner Gas but no longer get to watch "real" TV!!!!

Try Bloglines as a way to manage what you read. I find it easy to use and everything is in one place. I really want a PageFlakes page but haven't gotten that done yet. I hear Google Reader is good too - haven't used it.

Linda Morgan said...

I love your idea of a diary with no lock ... and your closing comment! I can relate to your comments questioning why in the world anyone would think their thoughts were Internet worthy....I agree that it seems more than slightly pretentious....and yet, having posted my blog, it was kind of fun!

I'm a Corner Gas fan, as well. It's probably in my DNA, as I'm a born and raised stubble jumper myself.


John Lobe said...

Hi Jess - Neat slideshow. I have always felt a bit depressed by all of the unread blogs that must exist. If a blog falls in a forest...