Thursday, January 31, 2008

Before I begin...

Before I officially start exploring video sharing, I have to explain something: I don't like video. I can enjoy movies if they are really, really good, and there have been a few tv shows that have captured my attention (Corner Gas, Heroes) and I watch on DVD, for the most part I don't enjoy moving pictures.

The problem is two fold: first off, video tends to offer up too much stimulus for my little brain. For me, trying to watch an episode of CSI with it's crazy camera angles, quick shifts in perspective and constant barage of music is probably what it's like for other people to stumble into a graduate level astrophysics lecture. Overload. Secondly, I haven't found much of value on video or film or tv. Granted, this could largely be because of my avoidance of the genre, but it seems to me that for each interesting, thoughtful and thought provoking work of video, there are a thousand that are not worth the time to watch.

This year, Jim and I compromised. I let him hook up the tv to an antenna so we can watch CBC. When he's home, particularly on weekends, it is on ALL THE TIME. He'll be reading, and it's on. He'll be in another room, and it's on (and I promptly turn it off). I think this is probably common in most homes, after all, my parents have 4 tvs in the house for just the two of them so they can never be too far to catch whatever's on. It's a part of life for almost everyone.

So... I'm trying. Really. I know video is a powerful medium, after all, it wouldn't boggle my brain if it wasn't. I know it is attention grabbing, I know it can transmit messages in a way no other medium can, I know a lot of people learn from it really well. But please, please pardon me if I don't get too enthusiastic.

All right, I'm off to YouTube.

Intimidation factor: 5/5

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