Saturday, March 29, 2008

One more Ning thing

Just spotted this on Yahoo: musicians are building their own social networks to exist alongside the biggies (Facebook, MySpace...) on platforms such as Ning, so that they have better control over content, advertisers, and user data. So if musicians can do it, why can't librarians?


Cindy said...

Having more control over content, advertisers and user data by going to other platforms other than Facebook and MySpace is such a good idea! Musicians will attract registrants to their site but will libraries have the same appeal? I would like to think so but we need to be creative and offer a service that will attract students to our SNS.

elizabeth said...

I think Ning has potential to connect librarians and it would appeal to me as an elementary librarian who is unlikely to attract students to a SNS. The use of a tool like Ning to share ideas around professional development with some control over advertisers and user data would get my vote over Facebook.