Thursday, February 14, 2008


I listen to CBC Radio1 a lot. After all, it's usually that or radio bingo, since we don't get much reception up here. Quite often, I'll catch the end of an interesting inverview, or miss a show I had really wanted to hear, and I'll say, "oh, I'll just get the podcast."

I never have.

Yes, the intimidation factor kept me from making the leap. So when I started to explore podcasting, I took the opportunity to see what I've been missing over at the CBC. Wow! It's all there! I'll never miss Sounds Like Canada again!

Beyond the CBC, however, I was absolutely astounded by the quantity of podcasts out there. So far, I've just been exploring through iTunes, and my poor old computer is burning up under the weight of all the downlaoding I'm doing right now.

This is amazing.

More to come once I've had a chance to listen to some of this stuff!

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